What's in a name - The Story behind Product Pixie

Way back when, when I was setting up my company for the first time, I had an idea about what I wanted to do - support large businesses and corporations in getting their ideas off the ground and to the market.

What I failed to recognize at that time, and why I’m so happy I let my idea simmer in the back of my head, is that corporations and large businesses are usually set up with loads of people who contribute to the overall feasibility of a process that’s set in place internally within that large organization.

My “Aha!” moment happened while I was consulting with an agency that was struggling on all levels of management, from strategy and vision all the way to execution - but wasn’t aware of it.

Product Pixie emerged as a solution to a very apparent need in the market.

Product Management is a nine-tailed fox in the industry. It’s this behemoth of knowledge and skills and competencies that all sound like they could solve all your problems - if only you had someone who could tackle that beast.

I’ve been asked many times to give someone “a quick rundown” of what Product Management is, and while I can absolutely do this for anyone who asks - intimately knowing the ins and outs of anything is a years-long process, and privilege, since not a lot of Product managers get to experience working in so many different industries and levels of management as I have.

Getting your foot in the door of this industry may not be all too difficult, but being good at something, navigating great highs and learning from your lows - that comes from experience and painstakingly documenting every process you encounter.

The way we work at Product Pixie is simple.

We audit, we break down, we set up.

In the meantime, we document and mentor others on how to best tackle issues they’re having.

This simple approach allows us to be completely flexible in covering our clients’ needs.

We are set up as a plug’n’play team, since we’ve worked together for so many years, and our external consultants are people who are experts in their own fields that support different aspects of any business or product, spanning across various industries - and they’re people we trust and know will get the job done.

Many times I found myself in a situation where I needed a certain knowledge for my product, or just someone to run by my ideas, and it became increasingly obvious that I had amassed a huge “black book” of experts who could support me in this.

And I decided to give back to the industry that raised me, an industry that I learned from the inside out, and do so by offering my own knowledge and expertise in everything from Sales, Product Management and Project Management.

It was important for me to surround myself with the best people because believe me when I tell you this market has some surprising stinkers, and it’s best to put your product - in this case, my own company - in the trusted hands of people who are way past the awkward “getting to know you” phase in any relationship.

So that’s exactly what I did - got the best of the best.

Welcome to Product Pixie, home to amazing people with incredible insights and abilities, who will make sure your product is managed with care.

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Mirna Smrekar

CEO and Founder @Product Pixie